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About SifoTEK®

SifoTEK® is dedicated to fostering a positive environmental impact. Founded by entrepreneurs and Ph.D. scientists, SifoTEK® is headquartered in Stavanger, Norway. We proudly stand as the pioneering company in Norway to develop and produce alternative gMilk identical to cow’s milk.

At SifoTEK®, our dedicated scientific team boasts extensive R&D achievements. Comprising experts in biotechnology, microbiology, chemical engineering, bioprocess, protein technology, and the food industry, our team is committed to innovation.

Our mission is clear: to develop, produce, and supply globally sustainable identical-cow gMilk that is environmentally friendly (nearly zero-CO2-emission), and maintains the same nutritional value and taste.

Sustainable & Greener

SifoTEK® presents a new approach to food production, delivering healthier ingredients without sacrificing taste or nutrients. Our analysis indicates that SifoTEK® Technology enables us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 91% compared to conventional Food Tech methods.

With a comprehensive response to the Green Shift initiative, SifoTEK® introduces innovation to our everyday lives for a Greener Tomorrow. Our processes ensure no adverse effects on our planet.

Food security

By 2050, the traditional food production methods may only suffice to meet the requirements of 50% of our population. Our food production approach, particularly regarding gMilk, enhances food security to guarantee an ample food supply for our populace.

Moreover, our production method is resilient to climate conditions and resource scarcity, also preventing the risk of food interruptions caused by epidemics of animal diseases, as observed recently in various regions globally. Specifically, we can guarantee good nutrition for individuals in impoverished areas who are especially vulnerable to these effects.

Right Place, Right People
& Right Time

SifoTEK® is a Norwegian technology company located in the Arctic: smart, cool, respectful, energizing, and Arctic qualified.

We assemble the right people to generate invaluable innovations, making a significant impact on our planet. We are scientists and entrepreneurs who are highly competent, persistent, dedicated, and committed to fostering a Sustainable and Greener Tomorrow.

Our generation is fully responsible for driving a Green Shift. We are here to pave the way for a new way of life: Greener, Safer, and Healthier.

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