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About SifoTEK®

SifoTEK® is a company that strives for a positive impact on our environment. It was founded by entrepreneurs and Ph.D. scientists. SifoTEK® is based in Stavanger, Norway.

SifoTEK®️ has a dedicated and experienced scientific team with many R&D successful records, including 90+ publications and several patents.

SifoTEK®️ has possessed many PhDs with more than 100-year experience in Biotechnology, Microbiology, Chemical engineering, and Food& Healthcare industries.

Our mission is to develop, produce and supply globally animal-free, GREEN (almost zero-CO2-emission), sustainable, and healthy protein ingredients for the Food and Healthcare Industries.

Kinder & Greener

Without farming a single animal, SifoTEK® offers a new way of producing foods and healthier ingredients without compromising on taste or nutrients. Our assessment shows that SifoTEK® Technology allows us to reduce up to 90% greenhouse gas emissions vs. conventional Food Tech.

SifoTEK®, with a full response to Green Shift, brings innovation to our daily lives for a Kinder and Greener Tomorrow. No animal is slaughtered or abused. There is no negative impact on our planet.

Sustainable, Healthier & Safer

We use the Precision Fermentation technology, choosing good DNA to alter a healthier life. We create animal-like, clean proteins within a short time (typically a few days) instead of 1-2 years to farm a cow, sheep, or salmon. The production is sustainable, replicable, and easy to produce on a mass scale. Thus, this offers a great potential to reduce the cost of our proteins.

No antibiotics are needed compared to livestock farming. There is no slaughter of animals that could potentially cause contamination. It also carries ethical issues. Our production system eliminates the problem with intestinal pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, and Campylobacter, which are responsible for millions of infections each year. Our products have a clean label and are safe for humans and the environment.


Right Place, Right People
& Right Time

SifoTEK® is a Norwegian technology company. We are placed in Artic: smart, cool, respectful, energizing,and Artic qualified.

We gather the right people to create invaluable innovations, making a great impact on our planet. We are scientists, entrepreneurs who are highly competent, persistent, dedicated, kind-hearted, and who want to devote ourselves to a GREENER and KINDER TOMORROW.

Our generation shall be fully responsible for a GREEN SHIFT. We are here to draw a new way of life: Kinder, Greener, Safer and Healthier.

Latest news

SifoTEK® secures Funding from RFF Rogaland

Exciting news from SifoTEK®!We’re thrilled to announce that Rogaland Regionalt forskningsfond (RFF Rogaland) has granted funding for our project, PREcision FERmEntatioN meets Circular Economy (PREFERENCE).Aligned with RFF’s focus on “food”

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