Meet Our Team

We are scientists, entrepreneurs who are highly competent, persistent, dedicated, kind-hearted
and who want to devote for a GREENER and KINDER TOMORROW.


Kim Phan, PhD

CEO & Founder

Kim Phan is an accomplished manager with extensive experience in research, entrepreneurship, and leadership. As the founder and CEO of previous successful ventures, she brings a wealth of knowledge to our organization. Kim holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from NTNU, Norway, and has garnered several years of expertise as a specialist, technology strategist, and leader at various firms. She has also earned an excellent Leadership 4.0 certificate, solidifying her foundation and entrepreneurial acumen.
Kim's diverse skill set, spanning chemistry, R&D, and business strategy, equips her to lead our team effectively, achieving goals within tight timelines and minimal budgets. Her overarching objective is to be at the forefront of leaders striving to make a positive impact on the planet by developing environmentally-friendly products for diverse industries.


Khanh Nguyen, PhD


Dr. Khanh Nguyen is a distinguished interdisciplinary scientist and accomplished R&D manager, excelling in diverse areas including project and personnel management, intricate problem-solving, mentorship, and staff training. With a prolific career spanning biotechnology and food sectors, he has steered research and product development, amassing a remarkable portfolio of over 30 publications and multiple patents.
Recognized as a standout young scientist in the United States, Dr. Nguyen clinched the esteemed "Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Young Investigator Award" for his exceptional contributions to the field. His multifaceted expertise underscores his dedication to advancing scientific innovation and making a profound impact in his domain.

Tor Øyvind

Tor Øyvind Oftedal

Director Business Development & External Affairs

With over four decades of experience in business development and management, Tor Øyvind Oftedal brings a wealth of expertise to SifoTEK. His career has encompassed diverse supervisory and managerial roles in both startup ventures and large international corporations.
Throughout his professional journey, Tor Øyvind has been a proponent of fostering collaborative organizational cultures to facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies and practices. He has also cultivated enduring trust-based relationships with governmental and non-governmental entities, partners, and customers.
Tor Øyvind's unwavering belief in SifoTEK's technology and his fearless approach to challenges make him an invaluable addition to the team. He is eager to join SifoTEK on its inspiring mission to combat climate change and address global food security issues, contributing to a sustainable future for our growing population.


Anh Nguyen, PhD

Bioprocess Specialist

Anh Nguyen has joined the SifoTEK team as a Bioprocess Specialist, bringing with him a wealth of experience in the field of Bioprocess and Biotechnology.
Anh achieved his PhD in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering in 2016, showcasing his strong academic foundation. Prior to his current role, he held prominent positions as a scientist and Postdoctoral Research Fellow at renowned institutions, including the University of Alberta in Canada and UC Irvine University in California, US.
His extensive background in these academic settings has undoubtedly honed his expertise, making him a valuable asset to SifoTEK in the realm of bioprocessing and biotechnology.


Yedu Prasad, PhD

Protein Biologist

Dr. Yedu Prasad, an accomplished protein biologist, boasts extensive proficiency encompassing protein biochemistry, yeast genetics, enzyme kinetics, protein engineering, and ultra-resolution fluorescence microscopy. His adeptness extends to precise plasmid construct design for protein production in ongoing SifoTEK projects. With a passion for scientific discourse, he actively explores novel biochemical approaches for sustainable food precursor production.
Prior to his tenure at SifoTEK, Dr. Prasad served as a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Warwick, UK, where he delved into protein pathways regulating yeast cell division. This experience enriched his understanding of yeast biology and genetics. Committed to advancing sustainability, he strives to make a more affordable and practical lifestyle accessible to a larger global population.


Priyank Nimje, PhD


Dr. Priyank Nimje is a highly skilled interdisciplinary scientist with an extensive 11-year research background encompassing microbiology, molecular biology, and genetics. His expertise spans a broad spectrum of microbial and molecular techniques, underpinned by meticulous attention to detail and a proactive problem-solving approach that propels his quest for fresh challenges.
Prior to his role at SifoTEK, he earned a PhD in Ecology in Norway and worked as a researcher at the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen, Norway.
Dr. Nimje's steadfast faith in biotechnological applications to tackle global issues ignites his enthusiasm. He is particularly committed to crafting carbon-neutral food products, advancing a more sustainable future.

Magdalena Abara

Magdalena Abara, MSc

RD Scientist

Magdalena is a driven scientist renowned for her results-oriented, detail-driven, and dedicated approach. Her skill set encompasses data analysis, critical thinking, and project execution. Proficient in various molecular biology techniques, such as PCR and macromolecule blotting, she also boasts expertise in microbiological laboratory practices and flow cytometry.
Before becoming part of the Sifotek® team, Magdalena served as a Flow Cytometry Specialist at Clinical Hospital No.1 in Poland. Beyond her professional pursuits, she champions sustainability both in industry and daily life. As a vegetarian, she passionately advocates for cruelty-free, sustainable food production practices, aligning with her commitment to a more environmentally-conscious world.