Meet Our Team

We are scientists, entrepreneurs who are highly competent, persistent, dedicated, kind-hearted
and who want to devote for a GREENER and KINDER TOMORROW.


Kim Phan, PhD

CEO & Founder

Kim Phan is a highly skilled manager with extensive experience in both research and management. Kim was the founder and CEO of other successful companies.

Her expertise in chemistry, R&D, and investment strategy are a few of the many skills she brings to our company. Kim’s objective is to be one of the leaders who desire to make a positive impact on our planet by creating GREEN products for use in different industries.


Khanh Nguyen, PhD


Dr. Khanh Ng. is an interdisciplinary scientist/R&D manager with high skills in multiple project management, personnel management, complex problem-solving, student mentoring, and staff training. He has led research and product development in both the biotechnology and food industries. His research resulted in 30+ publications and several patents.

He is a phenomenal young scientist in the US and won a “Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Young Investigator Award”.

Tor Øyvind

Tor Øyvind Oftedal

Director Business Development & External Affairs

Tor Øyvind Oftedal has 40+ years of experience in business development and management. Before joining SifoTEK, he held a variety of supervisory and management positions in startups and large international companies.

Throughout his career, he has focused on creating an organizational culture based on teamwork to develop and implement new technologies and practices. He has also been building long trust relationships with governmental and non-governmental organizations, partners, and customers.

He believes in SifoTEK technology and not afraid of challenges. Tor Øyvind wants to accompany SifoTEK team on its exciting journey of contributing to our planet by mitigating climate change and food insecurity for the world's growing population.

Thanh Pham

Thanh Pham, PhD

Lead R&D Scientist

Thanh Pham is a seasoned interdisciplinary scientist with more than 17-years of experience in microbiology research related to infectious disease, host-pathogen interactions, antibiotic resistance, and vaccine development. His expertise sets in molecular cloning, cell cultures, protein expression, and bioassay development.

He possesses strong skills in plasmid engineering, recombinant protein production, protein purification, and analysis. His studies have led to 10+ research publications and several patents in the field. Before joining Sifotek®, he was a senior scientist at the University of Maryland Baltimore (US), where he applied his skills to produce protein vaccines for cancer immunotherapy. He wants to develop new technology that protects environment and provide sustainable, healthy food ingredients for humans.

Magdalena Abara

Magdalena Abara, MSc

Associate Biologist

Magdalena is a results-driven, detail-focused, dedicated scientist skilled in data analysis, critical thinking, and conducting projects. She has hands-on experience in numerous molecular biology techniques, including PCR and macromolecule blotting and probing. She is well-versed in microbiological laboratory techniques and flow cytometry. She is constantly searching for better sustainability outcomes, both in the industrial setup and in everyday life.

Prior to joining Sifotek®, she was a Flow Cytometry Specialist at Clinical Hospital No.1 in Poland. She is a vegetarian and passionate about sustainable food production which is cruelty-free.