SifoTEK® secures Funding from RFF Rogaland

Exciting news from SifoTEK®!
We’re thrilled to announce that Rogaland Regionalt forskningsfond (RFF Rogaland) has granted funding for our project, PREcision FERmEntatioN meets Circular Economy (PREFERENCE).
Aligned with RFF’s focus on “food” and “reducing the climate footprint,” SifoTEK® pioneer animal-free dairy (AFD) products in Norway. This PREFERENCE project integrates circular economy principles and spans various technologies, exploring advancements in biochemistry, microbiology, and food science.

We extend gratitude to the RFF Rogaland board for their recognition and support. This fantastic news, a pre-Christmas gift, acknowledges our team’s dedication and hard work.
Stay tuned for updates on our journey to revolutionize sustainable food production! 🌱🧀

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SifoTEK receives grant from Innovation Norway

Exciting news at SifoTEK! We have been awarded a grant of 3.5 million NOK from Innovasjon Norge for our Pilot project of Sustainable Animal-Free Milk Production. This marks the second grant we have received from Innovasjon Norge, and we are extremely grateful for their continued support in our efforts towards sustainable and innovative solutions

The grant will enable us to further our research and development of animal-free milk production that is both environmentally and socially responsible. We are committed to creating a future where food production is sustainable and equitable for all, and this grant will be instrumental in achieving our goals.

We are excited to share this news with our community and look forward to the impact this project will have on our industry and the planet. We thank Innovasjon Norge for their support and recognition of our work.

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Scandza AS Joins Forces with SifoTEK® for Sustainable Cheese Milk Production

Exciting news!

SifoTEK® has partnered with Scandza to develop sustainable milk for cheese production, taking our collaboration to the next level.

Scandza AS is a rapidly growing Scandinavian iconic consumer company and owns several popular Norwegian brands such as Synnøve Finden AS Finsbråten AS, Sørlands Chips, Leiv Vidar, Go Vegan and Peppes Pizza. With their expertise in the industry and our commitment to sustainability, we believe that this partnership will pave the way for a more sustainable future in cheese production.

Our goal is to develop a sustainable milk production process that will reduce the environmental impact of cheese production. By implementing innovative technology and sustainable practices, we aim to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water usage, and promote animal welfare.
Through this partnership, we hope to inspire other companies in the industry to follow suit and prioritize sustainability in their operations.

We look forward to the journey ahead and the positive impact this partnership will have on the environment and the industry as a whole.

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Carbon net-zero emission

In order to meet net-zero emission target, meat consumption ‘must’ fall more rapidly. ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN shall help goverment to meet the zero target.
Additionally, clean food from ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN reduces future pandemic risks and to meet animal welfare commitments.
UK government has recently urged to fund “at least” £125 Million into ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN asap since other countries are “miles ahead”.
SifoTEK® strive to work closely with Norwegian fundings to speed up ALTERNATIVE PROTEIN technology in Norway.

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Patent submission in the US

SifoTEK® filed an exclusive patent with 47 pages to protect its innovative inventions of producing alternative protein, including honey and milk. This is an important milestone for SifoTEK® to prove its invention and strengthen its position on the hot race of alternative protein technology.

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SifoTEK® is approved by Helsedirektoratet for establishing a BiOLAB, GMM in Norway

Good news from SifoTEK®!

SifoTEK® is approved for establishing a BioLAB, GMM in Norway by Helsedirektoratet (The Norwegian Directorate of Health). With this approval, SifoTEK® shall become the first company in Norway works with GMM to develop and produce Animal-Free, Green nutritional proteins for Food Industry and valuable ingredients for Health Care.
Using precision bio-process, SifoTEK® Technology allows us reduce up to 96% greenhouse gas emission vs. conventional Food Tech.

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Khanh Ng. (Ph.D.) has joined SifoTEK® Team holding the CTO position. He is an interdisciplinary scientist/R&D manager with high skills in multiple-project management, personnel management, complex problem-solving, student mentoring, and staff training. 

He has led research and product development in both biotechnology and food industries. His research resulted in 30+ peer-reviewed publications and several patents granted and pending.

He is a phenomenal young scientist in the US and won a “Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine Young Investigator Award” in 2013.

His experiences and expertise in R&D and Biotechnology are an invaluable asset to SifoTEK®.


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New Adventure

SifoTEK®, a company that strives for a positive impact on our environment, has been recently founded by entrepreneurs and Ph.D. scientists.

SifoTEK® is based in Stavanger, Norway with our Biotechnology Lab and experienced Ph.D. scientists in North Carolina, US. Our mission is to develop, produce and supply globally with Animal-Free, GREEN (reduced-CO2-emission), Sustainable, and Healthier Protein Ingredients for the Food and Healthcare Industries.

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